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Additional coverage to protect your purchase of the Peak Pass
Add Peak Pass Protection Plan to your pass during checkout.

For a $40 add on to your season pass the Peak Pass Protection Plan provides you with a guaranteed refund or replacement* of your Peak Pass Season Pass for the following season if you are unable to use your pass for one of the following reasons:

  • Injury or Illness
  • Relocation by Employer
  • Military Deployment
  • Death of Immediate Family Member / Sole Caregiver 

Only those opting into the Pass Protection plan will be offered these options.  If you decline the Pass Protection, you will not be eligible for a refund or a credit rollover of any kind and understand that passes are non-transferable.

Pass Protection should be purchased at the time of purchase of your Peak Pass. It can be added within 30 days after the purchase if you wish to think it over.  Those looking to add after purchase MUST CALL 800-927-8899 to add within the 30 day window.  

After the fall deadline of October 31, 2019 Peak Pass Protection must be purchased at the time of pass purchase and may not be added at a later date.

Rolling Over Your Pass*

Once you invoke your pass protection and have decided to roll your pass over* for the following ski season you have given up the benefits associated with that season pass including skiing/riding, discounted lift tickets and other additional add on benefits.  

Rolled over passes will be issued for the following season in May to ensure that summer benefits can be utilized.*  

Should You Need To Apply The Protection Program: 

Prior To The Season

For a situation in which you wish to file a claim to cancel your season pass prior to the start of your “home mountain’s” ski season**, we will reimburse the full cost of your season pass if you’re unable to use it for the upcoming winter season due to one of the reasons listed above. 

You may also opt for a credit option whereas a credit would be issued in your name for a season pass for the following ski season (2020-2021) for the same level of pass even if the pass price goes up.*

**Please Note:  If your pass has been scanned at any one of our resorts prior to your home mountain opening that will be considered the start of your season and a full refund will not be an option.


For a situation in which you wish to file a claim to cancel your pass after the ski season begins, we will reimburse the cost or implement a rollover of your pass based on the schedule of proration on the following page.

Protection Plan Initiated prior to 12/18/19 you may choose to have: 

  • Your pass rolled over to utilized during the 2020-2021 season* 
  • Receive an 80% refund of price paid for your pass

Protection Plan Initiated between 12/18/19 and 1/17/20 you may choose to:

  • Roll your pass over to utilize during the 2020-2021 season* 
  • Receive a 60% refund of the price paid for your pass

Protection Plan Initiated between 1/18/20 and 2/17/20 you may receive:

  • 40% credit roll over towards the purchase of a 2020-2021 pass*
  • No cash refund is offered

Protection Plan Initiated between 2/17/20 and 2/29/20 you may receive:

  • 20% credit roll over towards the purchase of a 2020-2021 pass*
  • No cash refund is offered

Pass Protection Covered Reasons Explained


  • Passholder’s injury or illness must be so disabling that the insured individual can no longer ski/snowboard as certified by a physician at the time of sickness or injury.
  • Passholder is pregnant or childbirth occurs after the effective date of Protective Plan.
  • Documentation of illness/injury/pregnancy must be provided.

Relocation By Employer

  • Passholder has been relocated to a new work location at least 100 miles away from Passholders “home mountain” per their employer. 
  • Passholder must be an active employee for the same employer for at least one year.
  • Documentation of employer directed relocation must be provided.

Military Deployment, Relocation Or Leave

  • Passholder was called into active duty, relocated, or a military leave was granted for the duration of winter season.
  • Military documentation of deployment, relocation, or military leave must be provided.

Death/Terminal Illness Of Immediate Family Member

  • Passholder's immediate family member’s condition must be life-threatening/terminal as certified by a physician and medical documentation must state that family member requires the Passholder's care. 
  • Death of Passholder's immediate family member occurs during the season for which the pass was purchased.
  • Immediate family member consists of spouse, siblings, children, or parents.
  • Documentation must be provided.

​* Vail Resorts will be integrating lift ticket and season pass systems for the newly acquired Peak Resorts after the 2019-20 winter ski season and therefore the Roll-over credit will be provided in the form of a stored value credit under a guest’s account. The credit can be applied to any future Epic Pass purchase, with the following purchase restrictions:

  1. Must be redeemed for an Epic Season Pass in the 2020/21 season and cannot carry over to multiple years.
  2. Must be utilized while Season Passes are on-sale and cannot be used for other product purchases (including lift tickets, lodging, rentals, ski school).
  3. Can only be used in one transaction and cash back is not provided if the full value of the roll-over credit is not fulfilled in one transaction.