have your peak pass mailed

With the debut of our new Peak Pass, this year we have a brand new system in place in order to offer you the ability to ski at all seven of our mountains around the Northeast. With this ability to explore new mountains comes a few extra steps before we can print your new pass:

Complete these steps to mail your pass

Step 1: Liability Release

We'll need you to sign a new electronic waiver before skiing and riding this winter.

Click Here To Complete Liability Release

You'll have three choices for Participant, Participant with Minors & Parent/Guardian with Minors

  • Participant is an Adult (18+) filling out the release.
  • Participant with Minors is: An adult filling out the release for themselves and their children (under 18)
  • Parent/Guardian with Minors is an Adult filling out the release for their kids only.

Please note:  Adults may not sign a liability release for another adult.  

STEP 2: Submit Your Pass Photo

We need your photo! Please send us an email with your photo attached (ideally a .jpg that's less than 5MB) for use on your pass.  

  • Include your full name and phone number in the body of the message in case we have any questions.  
  • Send us one photo per email.  The easiest way to do this is to take a selfie with your smartphone.
  • Just think of it as a drivers license please - no hats, sunglasses, etc. 

Email Your Pass Photo

step 3:  look out for your pass in the mailbox soon!  

  • If you don't receive your pass within 10 business days please call us at the number below.  

If you have questions please call us 800-927-8899 or send us an email at [email protected]