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If you can’t find the question or answer you are looking for you can always email us at [email protected] or call 800-927-8899.

Essential Question & Answers

What’s the catch?

No catch. The Peak Pass is the only unrestricted ski pass that offers unlimited skiing or riding at Attitash Mountain Resort (NH), Big Boulder (PA), Crotched Mountain (NH), Hunter Mountain (NY), Jack Frost (PA), Mount Snow (VT) and Wildcat (NH). 

Can I ski or ride the rest of the season if I buy?

You sure can.  Purchase today and the pass is valid for skiing and riding fro the remainder of this season as well as the 18/19 winter at all 7 mountains. 

Where can I buy a season pass?

Multiple locations. will act as your portal to buy and once you chose a "home mountain" you will be directed to the resort website where you can also add on products like seasonal lessons for kids, discounted dining cards and seasonal lockers for each resort.  The resort you select as your "home mountain" should be where you expect to visit the most and where your pass(es) will be administered.   You can also visit any of our resort guest services as well as any ticket window to purchase!

What is the pass structure? 


  • Ages 30+ (Adult) | 7 – 17 (Youth)
  • Valid Daily at all 7 Mountains
  • No Blackouts
  • Top Level Benefits (see Benefits)


  • Ages 18 – 29
  • Valid Daily at all 7 Mountains
  • No Blackouts
  • Additional Benefits (see Benefits)


  • All Ages
  • Valid Daily at all 7 Mountains with 11 Blackout Dates*
    • Except Crotched Mountain – Pass Valid Every Day!
  • 11 Blackout Dates:
    • 12/26/18 – 12/31/18 | 1/19-1/20/19 | 2/16-2/18/19
  • Additional Benefits (see Benefits)


  • All Ages
  • Valid Monday – Friday at all 7 Mountains with 5 blackout dates 
  • Blackouts:
    • All Saturdays & Sundays
    • Additional Blackout Dates
      • 12/26 – 12/28/18; 12/31/18; 2/18/19  
        • ​​*Except Crotched Mountain. Valid every Monday - Friday
  • Additional Benefits (see Benefits)


  • 6 & under
  • Valid Daily at all 7 Mountains
  • No Blackouts 
  • No additional benefits


What are your age categories & how is age determined when purchasing a pass?

Ages are determined based on the age at the time of purchase. 

  • Child:  6 & Under
  • Youth: 7 – 17
  • Millennial: 18 – 29
  • Adult 30+


Are there be any added benefits? 

We have put together an impressive list of benefits that are valid at any of our Northeast Peak Resorts.

Explorer Pass Benefits:

  • 20% Off Resort Lodging – based on availability per the discretion of the resort
  • 20% Off Select Retail Items
  • 25% Off One Lift Ticket Per Day
  • 50% Off Tubing
    • Available at Select Resorts
  • Free Summer Scenic Chairlift Rides
    • Only Available at Mount Snow, Hunter, Attitash & Wildcat
    • One ride per pass, per day
  • 25% Off Attitash Summer Attractions Ticket
    • One discounted ticket per pass, per day
  • 25% Off Zipline Tour at Hunter Mountain
    • One discounted ticket per pass, per day
  • $29 Greens Fees at Mount Snow Golf Club
    • Monday – Thursday

Ranger, Drifter, & Traveler Pass Benefits:

  • 20% Off Resort Lodging – based on availability per the discretion of the resort
  • 10% Off Select Retail Items
  • 15% Off One Lift Ticket Per Day
  • 25% Off Tubing
    • Available at Select Resorts
  • Free Summer Scenic Chairlift Rides
    • Only Available at Mount Snow, Hunter, Attitash & Wildcat
  • 25% Off Zipline Tour at Hunter Mountain
    • One discounted ticket per pass, per day


Are there any blackout dates on the passes? 

That depends on what pass you purchase.  Here’s the blackout date structure for each pass:

  • Explorer Pass: 0 blackout dates – valid every day
  • Drifter Pass:  0 blackout dates – valid every day
  • Scout Pass:  0 blackout dates – valid every day
  • Ranger Pass:  11 blackout days
    • Christmas Week: 12/26/18 – 12/31/18
    • MLK Weekend:  1/19- 1/20/19 
    • President’s Weekend: 2/16 - 2/18/19
  • Traveler Pass:    Not valid Saturdays & Sundays, plus 5 blackout days:
    • Christmas Week: 12/26 – 12/28/18; 12/31/18; 
    • President’s Day: 2/18/19

***Please Note: If you purchase the Ranger Pass, please be aware that there are zero (0) black out days at Crotched Mountain. Traveler Passholders also do not have blackout days other than Saturday & Sunday at Crotched Mountain.  


Can I bring a friend or family member at a discount?

Yes! All passes (excluding the Scout Child Pass) have a discount for one guest lift ticket per day. Explorer passes receive 25% off a 1-day lift ticket at full window rates while all other passes receive 15% off a 1-day lift ticket at full window rate. 


When is your last day?

All the resorts on the new Peak Pass have different opening and closing dates.  Wildcat Mountain in northern NH typically has the longest season out of our resorts.   Here are average closing dates for the resorts offered on the Peak Pass:

  • Attitash:          First weekend in April
  • Big Boulder:   Last weekend in March / First weekend in April
  • Crotched:       Last weekend in March
  • Hunter:           Early - Mid April
  • Jack Frost:     Mid March
  • Mount Snow:  Mid April
  • Wildcat:          Late April 


Do you offer a college pass? 

We don’t offer a college pass, but offer the Drifter Pass which is for ages 18-29, regardless of student status.  Like all the Peak Passes, the Drifter Pass is valid at all our Northeast Resorts including Attitash, Big Boulder, Crotched Mountain, Jack Frost, Mount Snow and Wildcat, it just offers you a longer time to save your pennies


I have other questions.  Where do I find answers?

You can always email us at [email protected] or call 800-927-8899.  From there you’ll be directed to one of our resort representatives that can assist you. 


What are your pass deadlines? 

Early season pass pricing, our payment plan, add on dining card and some program pricing are available through April 30th.  Prices on the Explorer, Ranger & Traveler Passes will increase after April 30, 2018 and then will have another increase after October 19, 2018. 

Our Drifter Pass (ages 18 - 29) does not increase until December 17, 2018.  The Scout Pass (ages 6 & under) is the same price regardless of when you purchase it. 

Remember, Payment Plan options are only available until April 30, 2018. (see payment plan)


I heard that we can add on a discounted dining card this year! What are the details? 

Only available in the spring March & April buying period the Dining Card allows you to purchase a dining card at either $100, $250 or $500 values.  $100 cards carry an additional 10% in credit ($10), the $250 cards - 15% ($37.50) in credit and the $500 cards carry 20% ($100) in credit!  Cards will be printed separately from your season pass and one card can be added per season passholder.  

Follow up Q: Will we be able to reload or purchase additional cards in the future?  
You can reload, but there will no additional credit in addition to the money you add. We may offer additional promotions in season.

Follow up Q: What happens if I have money left over at the end of the season? 

When using your card, the bonus amount will be used first. If for whatever reason you do not use the bonus amount, that will expire at the end of the season. Any money you directly add to the card will roll over to next season.


As a passholder do we get any discounts? 

Yes.  (See benefits)


Other than the early season pricing and payment plans, are there any other incentives for purchasing early? 

If you purchase your pass before April 30, 2018 you can use our payment plan (see payment plan), as well as snag a discounted dining card as an add on.  Plus you can utilize some summer of 2018 benefits (see benefits table). 


What if I forget my season pass?

Visit Guest Services at the respective resort. You will be given a lift ticket for the day and your Season Pass will be blocked, for that day, at all resorts. 


Do you offer Frequent Skier Cards?  

We do not. If you think you'll ski upwards of 5 times or more at our resorts we urge you to look at a Season Pass.  All resorts also offer discounted lift tickets in advance through our online stores.  


Is there pass insurance offered?  Anchor

Not necessarily insurance.  We offer the Peak Pass Protection Plan.  For a $40 charge it offers the option to receive a full refund if pass is forfeited prior to the ski season or a partial refund or pass rollover based on a pro-rated date. You will need to opt out of the protection plan when you purchase your pass.  

Follow up Q:  If I opt not to choose the Peak Pass Protection Plan can I receive a refund or credit to my account if I were to be injured? 

No.  You passes are non-refundable / non-transferable unless you opted to purchase the Peak Pass Protection Plan. 


What if I lose my pass?

If you have lost your pass, please contact the Season Pass Office at any of our resorts.  Please include your first and last name, date of birth and current mailing address in the email or on the phone message. We will block your old pass and the next time you visit, we can print you a new pass.  There is a $25 service charge the first time we have to reprint your pass. Any time after that it is a $60.00 fee per occurrence. 


Can I load money onto my season pass?

Yes you can! Load money on your pass and it can be used at any points of sale, like in our retail shops, restaurants and cafeterias. You can also load money onto your children’s passes. Bring your season pass to the Season Pass Office and we can load, re-load or move money from last season’s pass to this season. Please remember we need the physical passes to do this. 


Are there blackout dates for the Traveler (midweek) pass?

Yes.  All Saturdays & Sundays as well as Christmas Week (Wednesday 12/26 –  Friday 12/28/18 | Monday, December 31, 2018) & President’s Day (Monday 2/18/19) are unavailable for use.


If I’m a new passholder for the 2018-2019 season, how will I get my season pass? 

First, welcome to our family of resorts!  In order to ski for the remainder of the 17/18 season you’ll need to visit a season pass to pick up your 2017-2018 season pass. 

Follow up Q:  Where do I pick up my pass?

Upon check out of the online purchase process you’ll be asked for your home mountain.  That is where you’ll need to pick up your pass. 

Follow up Q: Can I opt to have my pass mailed? 

No.  You can pick up your pass at your home mountain anytime the season pass office is open. Typically we do not mail passes except for extenuating circumstances.  If you feel you have a reason to have your pass mailed please contact your home mountain via their 800 number.  


Does my pass include night skiing?

Yes, your pass includes night skiing at both Big Boulder (PA) and Crotched Mountain (NH) ski resorts.


Is there a payment plan for season passes? 

Yes!  The Payment Plan option is only available when passes are purchased by the early deadline of April 30, 2018.  The payment plan applies to season passes and seasonal lesson program add on products only. 

The Payment Plan requires a down payment for each pass you put in your cart.  There are no additional fees for using our payment plan.

Follow Up Q: How will the payment plan work?

The Payment Plan option is only available when passes are purchased by the early deadline of April 30, 2018.  Payments will be spread out over 4 months, starting on May 15 to be completed by August.  Payments will be automatically charged to the credit card used for the initial down payment. Payments are calculated by taking the total purchase(including tax), less the down payment and  divide by four (four monthly payments).  Plan for these payments to hit your credit card on approximately May 15, June 15, July 15 and August 15.

Follow Up Q: Do I get the same pass benefits if I choose to do the payment plan rather than pay the whole sum? 

Yes.  You receive all of the same passholder benefits whether you use the payment plan or not. Added value benefits that are listed for our passes are valid for the 17/18 season only.   You will be able to ski immediately though on your 2017/2018 Season Pass if purchased this spring. 

Follow Up Q:  Can I use my pass for the rest of this 17/18 ski season?  

Yes!  Just pay the down payment and you’ll be given a new pass for use this spring and for next season.  Don't lose it.  

Follow up Q: Can I use the payment plan to pay for other season add-on programs? 

Yes!  You can set up a payment plan for other season add on programs like children's programs and seasonal lockers. Once you select your home mountain at 


Can I ski or ride at other Peak Resorts?      

ABSOLUTELY!  The Peak Pass is valid at all of our Northeast Peak Resorts:  Attitash Mountain Resort, Crotched Mountain and Wildcat Mountain in NH; Mount Snow in Vermont; Hunter Mountain in NY; and Jack Frost | Big Boulder in PA. 

Follow up question:  What about Midwest Ski Resorts? 

If you are traveling to a Midwest location and wish to ski at one of our Midwest Resorts please bring your pass and visit the ticket office.  You’ll be issued a complimentary lift ticket.  One lift ticket per pass, per day.

If I choose to visit a ski resort during days when my pass is not valid (ex. blackout days and/or weekends for Traveler pass) will I receive any sort of discount on a lift ticket? 

All passes (except Scout) can purchase one lift ticket per day for a designated percentage off (see benefits for pass discounts).  You can use that for yourself during your blackout days or for a friend or family member.  You must be present with your pass to purchase at a discount. 


Where can I purchase a Peak Pass?

You can purchase your pass at an eastern Peak Resorts season pass office, online on any Peak Pass resort or by calling 800-927-8899


Can I purchase a resort specific pass – like a Hunter Only Pass?

A: Not unless you or your family is enrolled in a special school program that is specific to that resort. The Peak Passes are the only season passes offered at our Northeast Resorts. 

SNow time resorts

Will the newly acquired Snow Time Resorts of Liberty, Whitetail and Roundtop be accessible this winter (18-19) on my Peak Pass?   

A: YES!  Access to Liberty, Whitetail, and Roundtop is now available for Peak Passholders this winter.  

Follow up Q:  Will Dining Cards or Gift Cards be valid at these new resorts? 

At this time Dining Cards will not be available for use at these new resorts.  


Can I use my season pass this summer? 

Only those who purchase their season pass prior to April 30th will be allowed to use their pass to receive summer benefits.  Meaning, only 2018-19 season passes will be allowed free access to summer lift rides.

Follow up Q:  If I want to take advantage of summer lift rides when and where can I get my 18-19 season pass?

You will need to forfeit your current season pass to receive a new one to use during the summer months. You can do so at your resort during the remainder of the winter season or choose to visit during the off season.  Just check your resorts hours by calling 800-927-8899.


I heard of a passholder who loaned his pass to a friend and got caught. What happens in a situation like that?

Passes are not transferable. This would be considered theft of services.  The person who loaned the pass will lose all pass privileges. The person using the pass will pay an administrative fee & the cost of a lift ticket that day. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR PASS AT ALL TIMES! 


Can I upgrade a lift ticket I purchased towards a season pass?

Yes. You can upgrade a lift ticket purchased that day towards a season pass at the time of purchase or at the end of the day.  Visit Guest Services with your ticket and it can be applied to the purchase of a season pass or payment plan.